A classroom magazine produced by AJ Stoner's online journalism class to showcase their work and that of Roger Hart's video journalism class.

The 4 C's - Crippled, Cocky, Confident, & Cute

Justin Herbst, a junior studying history, gives his perception on how disabled students are treated and why.

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Do you have what it takes to conquer "The Standard?"

Join Connor Sullivan, Mike Justich, Charlie Foxx, Bacon, and the dogs as the climb in one of southern Illinois beautiful and challenging locations.

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Giant owl

It's a Matter of Life and Death

This Carterville-based rescue shelter helps rehabilitate wild animals in Southern Illinois. Learn more about the people who nurse then re-release animals back into the wild.

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A Different Way to See the World

A project offering tips, links and examples of time-lapse photography.

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Behind the Scenes

Here's sneak peak behind the scenes of Southern Illinois University's performance of "Company!"

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Take the plunge with Lita! Polar
Plunge, that is.

That's right, there's ice in that water! Check out more images of the plunge in Effingham, Illinois.

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Meet the man with a passion to feed the people of his community.

Meet Pastor Ralph "Rick" Jackson and the people of the Feed My Sheep Community Kitchen.

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The course offered at the SIUC School of Journalism builds a professional website every semester. Take a tour around the site and find out more about the multimedia journalism projects and classes offered at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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